Testimonial from Phil C

April 19, 2018

Pilates helped me avoid back surgery. In fact, my back pain has mostly disappeared thanks to Simply Pilates and my diet! Amanda and Rebecca are simply outstanding instructors and their relentless focus on form, technique and micro movements are perfect for my condition. I have been going to Simply Pilates in Scottsdale for 2 years, twice a week, and its working for me. As a very active senior, my spirits have never been higher and I feel great, physically and spiritually. My mantra is “WOW” — working on wellness. I was thrilled to see Amanda featured on Channel 3 news in Phoenix yesterday just before I went in for my session which always elevates my mood, aligns my body and puts a spring in my step. Its like discovering the fountain-of-youth and can’t wait for the next lesson.

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