Amanda Gardner
Studio Owner
Amanda’s career as a pilates instructor began after years of traditional weight training. With a true love of fitness, but a desire to get more out of her repetitive “gym workouts,” Amanda decided to try out a pilates mat class. She was immediately hooked! The rapid results and changes that occurred in her body were unlike anything she had ever experienced. She became fascinated with this form of exercise and dedicated much of her time over the next few years to improving her own skills and learning more about the classical pilates method. With a background in education, Amanda decided to transfer her love of teaching into the fitness world. In 2006, she began her comprehensive certification through a Power Pilates program in Scottsdale, AZ. She has been trained to work with clients of all ages and also with those suffering from pain caused by either injury or muscular imbalances. Over the course of the last 14 years, Amanda has worked with professional athletes and bodybuilders, expectant mothers, seniors, teenagers, and everyone in between! In 2020, Amanda was accepted into a year long training program with mentor and world-renowned instructor, Chris Robinson, to deepen her knowledge and expertise in this incredible method. Amanda has received specialized training in the following areas:

  • pregnancy and pilates
  • working with individuals with a wide range of special needs (i.e osteoporosis, scoliosis, and hip, neck, knee, lower back, and shoulder issues)
  • advanced work on the mat, reformer, tower, barrels and wunda chair
  • pilates work on the jumpboard

In 2010, Amanda was honored to be selected as an ambassador, or community representative, for lululemon athletica, an athletic clothing store that specializes in yoga/pilates wear and other athletic apparel for men and women.


PortraitsBW024Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer has been a fitness enthusiast for most of her life. She spent her younger years playing sports, and later transitioned into traditional weight training, hiking and running. Jennifer was first introduced to pilates in 2006. She became a strong believer in the method when she noted the differences and changes in the way her body felt after doing pilates. After 15 years as an elementary school teacher, Jennifer decided to switch gears and pursue a career in the fitness industry teaching pilates. She first became certified to teach mat pilates. She enjoyed it so much that she made the decision to deepen her education further, and became comprehensively certified through Power Pilates in 2016. Jennifer finds such joy teaching others and sharing the benefits of Pilates. It’s so rewarding for Jennifer to see her clients experience themselves the benefits that pilates brings to both the mind and the body.


Amanda Zannis
Amanda Zannis is a third generation classical pilates instructor with over 19 years of teaching experience. Her introduction to the pilates method began shortly after a surgery prevented her from performing her regular weight training and running routines.  She was immediately hooked once she gained more strength and a more sculpted physique within a month of practicing with a skilled instructor three times a week!  She began teaching mat pilates in 2004 and was fully certified in the classical method with Power Pilates in 2009.  While vanity was her initial reason for wanting to learn more about this method, when she started working with clients and saw how it helped them to become stronger to perform daily functions or helped them ease their pain, she shifted her focus to truly teaching the body in front of her and her love of the method continues to grow with each happy client served.  In early 2020, Amanda was one of four Pilates instructors invited to participate in a year long intensive masters training program with Chris Robinson, world renowned second generation instructor who studied directly under Romana Kryzanowska and Jay Grimes.  As she ages, she is even more inspired to help spread the work of Joseph Pilates and help others and herself to be as strong and pain free as possible.

doug zabrocki
Doug Zabrocki is originally from Duluth, MN. He and his wife, Alicia, have been teaching pilates since 1997 and have been entrepreneurs for 18 years owning pilates studios and training facilities in Arizona (2002-2007) and Chicago (2008-2019). Doug was originally classically trained through Romana Kryzanowska, under mentorship of Juanita Lopez. Doug was a Power Pilates Teacher Trainer traveling nationally from 2002-2012. Doug is a licensed massage therapist having practiced in Minnesota and Chicago. This native of Minnesota has over 22 years of fitness/wellness instruction and experience. Working as a personal trainer and massage therapist in settings ranging from clinical hospital based programs to high end health clubs, Doug began to formulate his understanding of form, function and appropriate exercise prescription. With a strong background in exercise physiology from the University of Minnesota, and a life long passion of martial arts and anatomy, pilates became a very logical and appropriate career direction. Doug has had experience teaching pilates, Red Cord and Indo-Row. Doug’s hobbies include: harmonica, tai chi, comedic improvisation, hiking and is a huge dog lover. He is happy to be back in the desert with his wife, Alicia and their dog, Pepper, after a 12 year hiatus in Chicago.


IMG_4972 edit 01aGretchen May
Gretchen May has been involved in fitness her entire life. She studied ballet for over 10 years and, as an adult, took up figure skating before discovering a love for tennis. In 2012, Gretchen took an intro to pilates class at her gym. After a few classes, she discovered a love for pilates. In 2013, Gretchen began her pilates instructor training with the Power Pilates Core Mat 1 and 2 training and began teaching pilates mat classes.  

Finding a love for teaching and seeing her clients progress, she continued her training and in 2016 completed her Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification covering beginner to advanced systems on all pieces of equipment as well as working with special cases.  Always wanting to continue her learning, Gretchen completed the National Pilates Certification Program (formerly PMA) in 2017. Gretchen is a second-generation Pilates instructor having completed the 160-hour Pilates Masters and Mentor Program with Lolita San Miguel in July 2020. In 2021, Gretchen graduated from the Professional Pilates Advanced Teacher Training Program led by Kathi Ross-Nash. PPATT is a six-month program that teaches the connection between each exercise, what to look for and how each apparatus is used to build the workout — the why, when and where fo the Pilates Method. 

Still working a full-time office job during the day, Gretchen believes in the benefits of pilates and the strength pilates can give everyone. Outside of the studio, Gretchen enjoys playing tennis and spending time with her husband and two French bulldogs.

Kelly began her Pilates journey In New York City in 2011. Her love for movement and healing naturally brought her to Pilates, and it wasn’t long before she realized that it was going to be a big part of her life. She is a 3rd generation, Classically trained Pilates Instructor, and has studied with some of the world’s most renowned teachers and schools. In 2013, Kelly enrolled in the Advanced Teacher Training program at re:AB Pilates, where she completed 800 hours of lectures and practice. In 2015, Kelly bridged over to The Pilates Center of Boulder, where she completed 900 hours of lectures and practice, and in the years following she has obtained her Host Advisor and Masters Certification under their tutelage. Kelly has completed a combined total of 1900+ hours of study in Classical Pilates, and continues to further her education at workshops and lectures. Kelly helps her clients reach their goals by designing safe and rigorous workouts based on their level of experience and medical history. She is delighted to give each and every one of them the gift of health that Pilates has given her.

Taylor is a comprehensively and classically trained Power Pilates instructor with over 800 hours of training. Her love for pilates started after her first time on a reformer. Pilates helped Taylor find new connections and increase coordination in her own body. Before pilates, Taylor tried many methods of fitness but none provided the results she found with pilates.  After a few years of practicing regularly, Taylor began her journey to become a pilates instructor. After completing the comprehensive pilates certification through Power Pilates, Taylor honed in on training athletes. Taylor has worked with a range of athletes from high schoolers to those competing at the professional level. Outside of athletes, Taylor has worked with a wide variety of clients with various injuries and special needs. She has seen incredible success and healing for herself and her clients. Taylor is passionate about the classical work of pilates and desires to share it with the world.