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Not all pilates is created equal!

Originally known as Contrology, the exercise system created by Joseph Pilates has gained widespread popularity throughout the world over the last two decades. Many fitness studios boast “pilates based classes” or teach classes where classical pilates exercises have been modified and/or fused with exercises from other training modalities. This modernization of Joseph Pilates work changes the intent of his brilliant method and leads away from an authentic pilates experience.

At Simply Pilates, we are dedicated to teaching the method the way Joseph Pilates did. Simply stated, we offer a truly classical approach and adhere to the principles of this unique system of exercises that have proven themselves to be safe and effective for close to 100 years!

Our highly certified instructors have spent hundreds of hours in classical training programs and have dedicated years of their lives to studying the method so that the training you receive within our studio walls is nothing short of the authentic experience that has been passed down to us by those dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the method.

Come experience the classical difference for yourself and see how your body and life will be transformed!