Testimonial from Carey S.

I met Amanda in 2006, when I first moved to Arizona.  At this point, I had been practicing classical pilates for the better part of 4 years.  Like many in a new city, I tried several studios before I found one I liked and knew instantly Amanda was going to be my new instructor.  Since the mid ’90’s I have been dealing with several slipped discs and spinal tears and was often encouraged by doctors to “take it easy,” as it was expected that I would have major back surgery by the time I turned 25.  This was a tall order, as I was never one to “take it easy” and instead I worked even harder to achieve a strong core to support my deteriorating back in order to avoid the operating table.  Amanda has pushed me in ways I never thought possible, in and out of the studio.  I have become stronger each year and because of her continued teaching and support, I began the certification process of becoming a pilates instructor myself.  Amanda is a passionate professional and a dedicated teacher; I look forward to each and every class I have the opportunity to take and would recommend her highly to all!

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